How to find the perfect Dog Groomer in Wayne NJ

August 7, 2019 Pets

Finding a Wayne, NJ dog groomer can be a daunting task.  You want someone with experience, someone you can trust, and someone who is of course, great at what they do.  One of the best resources out there is other people.  Read reviews, talk to neighbors, meet with the groomer you are thinking of hiring.  Make sure that you feel comfortable with the person or business before your put your pooch in their care.  One big question to ask any potential groomer is what schooling and/or experience they have.  Ask if you can visit the facility to ensure that each dog is handled individually and safely. 

Whether your dog just needs a bath, needs their ears cleaned, nails cut, or you have a pup who needs a trim, finding the right groomer in Wayne NJ is step one. 

Availability – What good is a Wayne NJ dog groomer if you can never get in?  A groomer who is available 7 days a week is important so that even if you have a grooming “emergency”, they’ll be available for you.  Many people are uncomfortable giving up their dog to someone else’s care for a full day.  A good groomer that schedules their clients appropriately should be able to get your pup safely back in your arms in a few hours or less.   

Stress Factor – Grooming can be a very stressful time for many dogs, no matter how many times they go through it.  Some people think that just doing it at home themselves will be less stressful than taking their dog to someone.  This is not the case.  Without the proper tools and instruction, you could end up doing a lot more harm than good.  A lot of groomers use cage dryers after bathing to dry your dog off, but what if your dog isn’t used to being in a cage, let alone, in a cage with a loud hot fan blowing on them?  Cage free drying is the way to go to ensure a stress-free trip for Fido.  A great groomer will be able to handle your dog no matter how stressed they are and ensure that they stay safe during their time with them.

Treatments and Services – Most people can safely handle bathing their dogs themselves at home, but what if your pet is having a problem with dry skin or you’ve maybe let your dog’s nails get a little too long?  A proper groomer should be able to offer different skin care treatments including flea and tick treatments, nail trims, de-matting, and more.  A groomer who really cares about your dog will be able to handle any problem they have from nose to tail and everywhere in between!

You want a groomer with experience, someone who cares about your dog, staff that is available, and people who are going to care about your dog like you do.  If you live in Wayne, NJ and are in need of an excellent dog groomer, check out Bon Chien Pet Care Services today! 

Dog groomer wayne nj, long haired dog shown with comb and scissors