ATM Service in NJ is Changing with the Times

November 29, 2019 Technology

ATM service in NJ, Laptop screen with image of red padlockYear after year, technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds.  At one point in time, the personal identification number, or PIN, was the pinnacle of security.  That is no longer the case for a multitude of reasons.  A PIN has many shortcomings. Thieves can steal it, easily crack it, and people often forget them.  Due to these downfalls, technology and security have had to improve in order to keep your identity and your money safe.  But even as technology and security improve, so do thieves and hackers.  They always seem to be one step ahead of the most current advancements and ATM service in NJ needs to keep up.

What does this mean for ATM service in NJ?

It used to be that a bunch of numbers, letters, and symbols strung together in some meaningful or even random way felt like enough to keep us safe.  Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Every safety barrier that gets invented seems to be cracked easily by thieves. So how can we ever feel safe?  The newest advancements in security is the field of biometrics.

Biometrics includes exclusive physical characteristics that are used to verify your identity.  They can include things such as fingerprints, facial recognition, vein screening, and eye scanners. Fingerprints are already in use in items such as cell phones. But even this advancement already has drawbacks.  Some machines cannot tell the difference between an actual fingerprint and a lifted/copied print.

Finger and vein palm readers take it a step farther by adding in the “liveness” factor and this already in use in ATMs around the world.  Facial recognition and iris scanning are even more advanced, but also come with the flaw of fear of use.  Many people are uncomfortable with having a machine scan a body part.  It is also hard to trust that the information is secure when it is read by the machine.  Plus, you can change a PIN, but you can’t change your fingerprint.  You can no longer use your fingerprint as a security measure once it is compromised.

With advanced technology, comes a need for advancements in servicing these machines.  The key to supplying customers with a feeling of security is obtaining machines and ATM service in NJ from a trusted source.  If you can’t trust the technicians working on your ATM, you are putting every person who comes in contact with that machine at risk, as well as the honor of your company.

Use a trustworthy company who provides ATM service in NJ – Your reputation depends on it

You are doing right by your clientele when you obtain ATM service in NJ from a credible and technologically advanced firm.  Machinery and security are never going to stop moving forward and changing.  You need a company to provide maintenance on your ATM fleet that can grow and change right along with them.  With each improvement in security, servicing becomes more involved and you need to be able to trust the people who are working on your machines.  From PINS to iris scanners, you need a company that can do it all.

ATM Service is all about security

A financial institution without security is worthless.  Don’t be that company.  Do your research and be sure that the ATM service in NJ establishment you select has authorized manufacturer-trained technicians, can provide you with all the most up-to-date security features and measures, and has parts available to fix issues quickly.  By selecting the right partner to provide ATM service in NJ, you are helping to make your institution more secure.