Seaside Park Real Estate Tips and Tricks

August 7, 2019 Real Estate

If you own a rental home in Seaside Park, you know the real estate market is flooded.  So how do you keep up?  How do you ensure that your rental gets booked all season? How do you keep renters coming back for more?  Provide a wonderful vacation experience at a great value.  The best vacation rental is one where the renters feel comfortable in the home and can enjoy a stress-free vacation. When it comes to Seaside Park Real Estate, a trusted real estate agent like the ones found at Birchler Realtors can help assist you.


There’s so much going on inside a vacation rental.  So many details to pay attention to, so many things to keep up with.  First and foremost, make sure you paint the home in neutral soft tones.  They will provide a welcoming feel without being visually offensive.  You can bring pops of color in with throw pillows, blankets, and accessories.  Make sure you check all the walls routinely for scuffs and scrapes and take care of them immediately.  A fresh coat of paint goes a long way.  Fads and popular design trends change often so make sure you’re keeping up.  Nobody wants to rent a home that has not been updated in over a decade. 

Renters are on vacation and they want to feel like it.  Go for the upgraded appliances-your renters will thank you.  Anyone spending money to rent your home doesn’t want to feel like they’re in their own home.  Go the extra mile for them and give them that 5-star feeling.  Add a cappuccino machine, install the jet tub in the bathroom, and provide top of the line linens.  The little splurges that you make in the set-up of your rental will pay for themselves over and over through the years. When you invest in good, quality items, you don’t need to replace them as often so they are worth it. 

Pay attention to details like making sure all the lights have working bulbs and the replacements are easy to find in case one goes out.  Hire a cleaning service if you don’t have the time to do a thorough cleaning in between each renter.  You want all your guests walking into an immaculate home.  Have WiFi available, provide games, supply books, and think of things people may want that they may not get from other rental homes.  Maybe keep some bikes in the garage for the renter’s use as well as some boogie boards for the beach.  If your home is not right on the water, perhaps a beach wagon would be nice for people to have.  Anything that is going to make your home stand out from all the others on the market is going to be worth the price.


Keep your landscaping and hardscaping neat and tidy.  Gardens should be weed-free, bushes and hedges trimmed, walkways clear, and all exterior fixtures in working order.  Check the propane tank on the grill and make sure it is full for each renter.  Inspect all exterior areas and make sure all pathways are well lit.  Set outside lights on timers so renters don’t have to worry about remembering to turn them on before they leave or trying to figure out which light switch does what. 

When planning your gardens, go for easy, low maintenance plants.  You don’t want wilted flowers out front so stay away from needy annuals.  Choose colorful trees and perennials that bloom all at all different times of the year so there will be color in your gardens throughout the season.  Hardscaping can provide dimension and visual flair with very little work.  Make sure all cracks are repaired in a timely manner and that there is nothing for anyone to trip on.   

There are so many homes available to rent in the Seaside Park real estate market so you really need to stand out. 

Paying attention to all the small details and going the extra mile for your renters will provide you with great returns.  When renters have a positive experience in your home, they’re more likely to tell their friends and family and recommend they rent from you too. Reach out to Birchler Realtors today to get your rental to the top of the to-be-rented list of Seaside Park real estate!

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