Treatments for Chronic Pain Management in Hazlet

June 23, 2021 Health and Medicine

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Those suffering from diseases like cancer or pancreatitis often also suffer greatly from chronic pain. This type of pain can be extremely difficult to treat and manage. For these patients, it can be hard to find a doctor that truly listens to their complaints. They are often ignored and many times, are completely discounted. Being given treatments and recommendations that fall well short of actually managing their pain often lives these patients in worse shape. In contrast, pain that results from something visible like a wound or a broken bone are well managed and treated effectively. For many, however, they are unable to find a doctor who can and will adequately treat them and their pain. Thankfully, pain management in Hazlet and elsewhere is finally giving these patients the relief they deserve.

Different Types of Pain Require Different Treatments

Everyone has experienced some degree of pain in their life. Whether it is from something small like a cut or something more serious like fibromyalgia, pain leaves you in discomfort. Pain is usually classified as either acute or chronic. Acute pain usually stems from a specific source, comes on quickly, and does not last longer than six months. Broken bones, childbirth, and wounds like cuts are all examples of acute pain. Even if acute pain isn’t treated, it will go away. Chronic pain, on the other hand, persists for much longer, sometimes years, and often continues long after the cause is treated. Arthritis, headaches, and back pain that lasts for years are all examples of chronic pain. If chronic pain is not addressed, the patient will continue to suffer. This is what makes the treatment for chronic pain so important. Nobody deserves to live in constant agony.

Invisible Illnesses Often Require Pain Management in Hazlet

First, let’s discuss what an invisible illness is. Any disease, chronic issue, or illness that cannot be viewed easily by others fall under the umbrella of an invisible illness. Allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and abdominal issues are all examples of invisible illnesses. For many, treatment for an invisible illness can take a very long time. Complaints of pain and discomfort are often ignored because the patient doesn’t “look sick.” This can lead to extreme frustration. In the long run, many people give up on trying to ever feel well which often leads to other problems like depression. Being another malady that is often mistreated or neglected, these patients are often struggling greatly. While things are changing for the better, too many people are suffering in silence. Pain management doctors in Hazlet are often the only ones that listen to and give these patients comfort.

Treatment Examples for Pain Management

Obviously, the cause of the pain often dictates the course of treatment. Not all pain can be treated the same. For example, aspirin is effective at relieving headaches, but not pain from a broken bone. Similarly, the handling of chronic pain from cancer varies from the regimen for pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Many treatments involve injecting different medicines into the area that is the source of pain to temporarily or permanently block the pain signals from reaching the brain. Even a brief amount of time without pain can make a huge difference in a patient’s life. Another treatment that is relatively new, but is being used more and more effectively at managing chronic pain is stem cell injections. This procedure takes stem cells from the iliac crest of the patient. These cells are then injected into the afflicted area to promote healing.

Pain Management in Hazlet is Helping People

The science of medicine is expanding and changing every day. Each corner of medicine is finding new and better ways to treat ailments. Pain management is no different. This specialty is becoming more popular because people are actually finally experiencing results. Just as your primary doctor doesn’t handle your vision prescription, chronic pain from an illness may be best treated by a pain specialist. Patients that have been suffering for years are at long last living a pain free life. Some thought this was not a possibility for them. Doctors that are providing pain management are truly changing people lives. No one deserves to live in pain. If you suffering and are tired of being ignored, contact the pain management in Hazlet doctors at Progressive Pain Management.  They effectively treat a wide variety of pain due to an array of causes.